Crazy Roadside Emergency Stories

A Few Funny Roadside Tales

“It was a Friday night and a few buddies of mine were all psyched up to see the Spurs play their final home game of the season. We were so excited to watch Tim Duncan and the guys play that I had actually forgotten to gas up the Jeep! It must have been the dumbest mistake I had ever made because we were already running late as is and now we would be pushing the Jeep to the AT&T Center! Needless to say, my friends were really not pleased at all. The good news is that we won, so at least the evening was completely that bad!”

“My wife and I went to see a movie last week and I parked my car in the movie parking lot. I was bored completely throughout the movie but the worst part was the fact that I had accidentally left the headlights on while I was in the theater! As you can imagine, I wasn’t having such a pleasant evening. It cost me $50 for the movie tickets with junk food, $75 for the towing and additional $100 for a new car battery with maintenance charges. I wish I stayed at home!”

“I was on the verge of receiving a promotion at my job. I had been working there for almost 2 years when I heard the great news. So many thoughts crossed my mind all at once that I actually overslept! I jumped out of bed in such a hurry that I actually forgot my car keys at home. Not only was I running late at this point, I also couldn’t find the keys anywhere in the house! It took me a full hour to locate the keys and then another hour to get to work. I promise to keep my keys with me from now on!”

Call Towing Alamo Right Away

At Towing Alamo in San Antonio, we make it our mission to reach your roadside location within thirty minutes or less. Nightmare roadside scenarios can be prevented with a little bit of caution. Fortunately, we’re on hand 24/7 in case something goes wrong. We’ll drop by to refuel an empty tank, tow away a vehicle or repair a flat tire. The bottom line is that you can always depend upon us! Call us anytime if you require rapid emergency roadside help.