Towing Alamo Client Testimonials

Here is what some of our costumers had to say about our services:

“I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with Towing Alamo. They really stick to their word and arrive when they tell you. You won’t be disappointed with their prices as well.” Tony D.

“I have never seen someone change a tire that quickly in my life! These guys must have worked for Dale Earnhardt Jr! It was as if I blinked my eyes and the new tire was already screwed onto the wheel studs. You guys rock!” – Alberto M.

“Towing Alamo helped make my new transition a simple and smooth one. They towed my Ram from Encino Park all the way to Kirby. These guys go all out to help you. I am truly grateful.” – Steve R.

“Towing Alamo was there for me when I accidentally got locked out of my Civic sedan. Raphael was the friendly technician that assisted. We had a nice chat about the Spurs, which really took some pressure off my mind. Thank you from one fellow Texan to another!” – Lisa E.