7 Car Tools you Must Have in the Car During Winter

Winter is a wonderful season, loved by many people. But as lovely as winter may be it can prove challenging when it comes to driving, or worse, to getting stuck in your car for one reason or another. In order to be able to get out of such situations, or at least to make dealing with them more bearable, Towing Alamo’s experts have compiled a list of 7 essential things to have in the car during winter:

  1. Gas: just imaging getting stuck with your gas dial firmly stuck on ‘E’ and without having a gas station anywhere in sight. An extra can of gas will sure come in handy.
  2. Flashlight and batteries: getting into car trouble after dark, especially when your car battery is out of order and there’s no light around can be inconvenient and scary at best, or even dangerous at worst. A flashlight and extra batteries can turn such a situation into a manageable one.
  3. Water and food: sometimes winter throws challenges your way. Snow, ice, or an especially fierce storm can block roads and make help unable to reach you. That’s why it’s so important to have some water and something to eat snuggly stashed in your car.
  4. Emergency safety equipment: often enough, drivers have to exit their car and check something or tend to something in order to take care of the situation. However, when it rains, visibility is poor. That’s why you should use as many emergency safety items as possible. An emergency reflective triangle, high visibility vests, and any other safety means that can keep you safe are necessary to have around.
  5. Portable cellphone charger: often enough, when there’s something wrong with your car, it will also affect the electricity system in it. Being unable to start your car, having a dead battery, or suffering from a malfunctioning electricity system for any other reason, means you won’t be able to charge your phone. Smartphones can hold only so long without being charged. In case of such an emergency a portable cellphone charger can literally be a life saver.
  6. Blanket and gloves: winter is not just about rain and thunder, it’s also about low temperatures. You don’t want to get caught in your car without something to keep you warm when temperatures start dropping.
  7. Jumper cables & tire changing kit: two of the most common roadside emergencies are having a car that won’t start due to a dead car battery and having a flat tire. By keeping jumper cables and a tire changing kit in your car you make it a lot easier to handle such emergencies on your own.