Prevent Your Motorcycle From Being Jacked

The month of July is “Watch Your Car Month” in our beloved state of Texas, and so we have gathered for you some useful suggestions in order to minimize the chances of your two wheeled ride being stolen.

Two wheeled vehicles are, by definition, more exposed to auto theft, and not as shielded and secure as cars. Owning a motorcycle is more than just getting from here to there, or from point A to point B, it is a way of life, with no other experience to match it. The feeling of freedom and speed, the feeling of being one with the open road is addicting.


What Are the Best Ways to Protect Your Motorcycle from Theft?

Here, are some easy to follow tips:

  • Motion detection alarm system – the fact that motorcycles are highly exposed makes motion detectors very important and effective in spotting unwanted attempts to move or touch a motorcycle. This mechanism is highly sensitive and will immediately let you know if your bike is receiving unwanted attention.
  • Cover – covering a bike may seem a cumbersome way to prevent theft, but it sure is an effective one. Thieves may be reluctant to start handling bike covers and may move on to the next bike.
  • Immobilizers – every motorcycle owner is aware that many insurance policies require an immobilizer for the policy to be in effect. Don’t hesitate to cover yourself from this aspect, as you already spend a large amount of money on your precious riding machine. The immobilizing system both alerts and locks your engine from being started without the proper code, thus preventing it from being stolen or mishandled.
  • Choose the right parking spot – be proactive! Minimize the chance for thieves to be drawn to your motorcycle by placing it in a suitable parking spot. The previous suggestions are excellent in times when thieves have already marked your motorcycle as fair game. Take heed and act before that situation arises. Place your motorcycle where it will draw as little undesired attention as possible.


The more you will be aware of the ways you can protect your motorcycle from being jacked, the longer you will be able to enjoy it without having to go through the heartache of having your bike stolen. This is an exceptional vehicle that is also known as an expensive habit. Be sure not to neglect it and to provide it with the protection it so richly deserves, in order for your riding experience to be long lasting, and reserved only for you- the motorcycle owner.